8th Grade FACS

8th Grade FACS

8th Grade FACS is a semester class. Ms.Stone and Ms. Caraway break the class into three sections.

Students spend the largest block of time in Foods and Nutrition. While there, students will study

1) a review of kitchen safety and sanitation principles

2) reading recipes and measuring ingredients

3) how to use various kitchen appliances to prepare simple foods and meals.

4) how food choices interact with the body and the consequences of food choices we make.

Foods prepared in 8th grade FACS are different from those prepared in 7th grade.

The other three main areas of study are:

1) personal development including values, emotions, self esteem, self concept, and goal setting.

2) clothing and textiles including how to use a sewing machine to make pajama pants and using a bleach resist technique to create a surface design on a t-shirt.

3) financial literacy, including exploration of the world of work and how checking accounts work using the "Real Game". Students are randomly assigned a job, and find out the working conditions and salary of the job. They also make a budget with their salary and learn about things to consider when choosing a job or career.