2021 - 2022 Yearbook Information

This year's yearbook will be a fall release again, meaning the books will not be distributed until the 2022 - 2023 school year. Books will arrive in the Fall of 2022 and be distributed at Lakewood to this year's 6th and 7th graders who purchased them. Books will also be taken over to Central High School to be distributed to this year's 8th graders. This allows us to include spring events, activities, and athletics to get more students featured in the yearbook! If you’d like to purchase a yearbook contact Christy Underwood at 785-309-4000.

Make sure to reserve your copy before the last day of school! Books are $30.00 each.

BONUS ALERT: If you purchase your book in advance, you receive a free student activity ticket for your student to receive free entry to all home athletic events.

Finally, if you have an awesome photo from a Lakewood event that you would like to submit for consideration in the yearbook, please email the photo to [email protected] or [email protected]