• All games are mandatory, including weekend tournaments. If there is a game you must be there. Failure to do so can result in consequences at coach's discretion.
  • Members are required to arrive before the game in full uniform and ready to go, 30 minutes before game. This includes stretching.
  • Cheerleaders must be on the court/field 3 minutes before the game clock resumes after half time. Failure do so can result in sitting out or conditioning punishment at the next practice.
  • All spirit squad members must know all the cheers and routines for the game. Sitting out is unacceptable and can result in conditioning punishment at the next practice.
  • Members are required to dress in full uniform.
  • Hair must be pulled back, away from the face, and all up.
  • Make-up should be worn in moderation. No glitter that doesn't stick to the uniform or face. If it can be brushed off, you can't wear it.
  • No jewelry, headbands, feathers, extensions.
  • Nails need to be short and no fingernail polish.
  • There is no chewing gum, candy, or eating during games.
  • If you do not attend school the day of game, you cannot attend participate at the game, and you should not be at the game. Coach needs to be notified by either you or your parent.
  • Socializing with friends, while the game is in progress, is not allowed. You are there to cheer, not chat.
  • During game suspensions, the squad member will sit in uniform with the coach for the entire game and help where needed.
  • Being a cheerleader is a privilege not a right. It is a simply choice of the student to choose to participate or not. If you chose to participate and be a part of the team, it is then your responsibility to live by the rules of the program.