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Photo of students standing in front of the Bus holding a poster that states 'What will your greatness be?'
Photo of the vocal class singing while standing on the risers and the teacher plays piano in front of them
Photo of two girls working on their woodworking projects in class
Photo of a teacher and student catching tadoles at the pond
Photo of a girl playing the Cello in orchestra class
Photo of a teacher assisting a boy while working on his laptop in class


Lakewood Middle

At Salina Public Schools (SPS), we are proud of who we are and what we do. We value every student’s family as a partner in learning and we collaborate with partners to help students, families and the community.

Exploring Activities

At Lakewood, every Friday offers an adventure and a chance to try something new! From crafts to video games, sports debates, board game challenges and rejuvenating yoga – we encourage every student to explore different activities. 

Photo of members of the chess club playing chess together

Relationships Matter

At Lakewood, students are at the core of our mission. We ensure they have at least one adult to turn to when faced with challenges. By prioritizing supportive and caring connections, we strengthen the sense of belonging within our school family.

Photo of 2 girls playing the piano and a teacher holding a poster up for them during an assembly

Our School Culture

Our dedicated teachers collaborate closely with students, meeting them where they are and fostering a growth mindset every step of the way. Together, we build not just projects, but lifelong skills and confidence.

Photo of Mr. Weaverling teaching Industrial Tech to his students

Great teachers
inspiring great futures.

Important Events